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This Summer we are staying in and getting comfy
Summer is in the air and with it all of the little pieces of joy it brings. Imagine: it’s...
Emma Cot Mattress
Emma Cot Mattress: one of the best gifts for your baby
As we already mentioned in our previous post, babies spend most of their day asleep. That’s why we want...
Original Deal
Original deal: the perfect bed for a good night sleep
Sleeping well is absolutely essential for our well-being. Specialists have insisted for years on the importance of sleeping well...
Baby on a mattress smiling
Get the best sleep for your baby
Are you worried about your newborn’s sleep routine? We at Emma really care about sleep. Today we want to...
Emma celebrates 1 Million Mattresses sold
Last week we were absolutely giddy with anticipation to announce that Emma sold 1 Million mattresses. To be absolutely...

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