Emma Cot Mattress: one of the best gifts for your baby

Emma Cot Mattress

As we already mentioned in our previous post, babies spend most of their day asleep. That’s why we want to give you some tips about how to create an healthy environment for your new-born. Moreover, from today we would like to present to you our newest arrival: Emma Cot Mattress.

Some tips for ensuring a safe environment

A perfect sleeping environment is a safe environment. A great way to make sure your baby sleeps safely is to follow some specific guidelines.

  • It doesn’t matter if it’s just for a nap, your baby must sleep on his back

Baby sleeping on his backPlacing your baby in a belly-up position will reduce the risk of injuries and sleep related infant death. This includes Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). SIDS is the sudden and unexpected death of an infant under the year of life, especially between two and four months of age. For this reason, parents are advised not to let the child sleep on his stomach or on his side, but to place him on his back to sleep.

Some mothers, however, realize that, put on their back, their baby has more difficulty falling asleep or wake up more frequently. If your child can’t seem to fall asleep unless he’s lying on his stomach, please be patient.  Adopt all strategies to promote sleep, such as putting him to bed in the correct position, after a relaxing bath and a feed. Objects that keep the child in a certain position during sleep should not be used. Do not use foam wedges or rolled up towels to keep children on their side. Your baby should sleep alone, on his back and in a cot. There should be no bumpers and toys inside the crib, as they can pose an accidental suffocation risk. If your baby has a health condition that requires a different sleeping position, discuss safe options for meeting your baby’s needs with your doctor.

It should be emphasized that when a child is awake, a period is required in which the child can lie on his stomach. This promotes healthy development (and also prevents temporary flat spots that can develop on the back of a child’s head. Of course, he will have to be carefully watched all times).

As soon as your  child can turn over on his own, there is no need to force the child into the back sleep position. That is because in case of a risky situation they should be able to react and change their position instinctively so as not to suffocate even during sleep time.

  • Make sure your baby on a firm surface

Baby CotUse a crib with a firm mattress, a fitted sheet and no padding, pillows, heavy blankets, or toys. It must be ensured that children never sleep on pillows, air mattresses, water mattresses, soft materials or wide beds. Even when traveling by car you should pay attention to where your baby sleeps. Remember, in fact, that car seats and baby carriers should not be used as a replacement for your baby’s crib.

The child needs to sleep on a solid and flat surface. So do not use duvets, quilts, voluminous blankets, bumper pads, or pillow-like items in your child’s bed to avoid any risk of suffocation.

Use a firm mattress with a tight sheet for a safer sleep environment.

  • Share the room without sharing the bed

You can sleep in the same room as your baby, but on different surfaces. Placing your baby in a separate cot will ensure  greater safety for the new-born. There is evidence that this arrangement decreases the risk of SIDS by more than 50% and is safer than sharing the bed or lonely sleep (i.e. when the child sleeps in a separate room). Furthermore having your baby sleeping in a crib next to you makes it easier for your to feed or tend to your baby during the night.

  • Look at the environment

The baby’s room should be suitable for having the best rest and therefore all possible interference that could wake the baby up Should be removed. The room should be quiet, dark and not excessively hot (recommended temperature around 20°C).

Excessive heat can increase the SIDS risk. For this reason, a temperature of 18° is sufficient, and in any case not higher than 20°. A cooler temperature also allows the baby to breathe and therefore promotes better sleep

  • Create a bedtime routine

Establishing a sort of routine for when bedtime is approaching will ensure that your child can fall asleep comfortably and get enough sleep, while you can also get some much needed rest.. It is important to keep in mind that everything that the baby does in the hour before bedtime can influence the quality of his sleep and the number of times he wakes up.

The first thing the baby need is peace and quiet, so you should avoid TV and games in the evening hours that could stimulate the child. Then you can start with the evening routine such as for instance first feeding the baby. After dinner  could come bath time and once they’re all fresh and clean he/she is ready for comfy pyjamas. Before sleeping it would be nice if your baby could listen to a bedtime story, have some cuddles and then he will fall asleep and can start to dream Having a set bed time routine makes putting your little one to sleep much easier!

  • Do not smoke close to your baby

In recent years, scientific research has given great importance to the effects of passive smoking on the health of the child. Among new-borns, passive smoking also proves to be an important risk factor of SIDS. If you reduce your pre- and post-natal exposure to smoking, you will lower your baby’s risk of eliminating passive smoke can cut the risk of SIDS by about a third.

Emma Cot Mattress

Emma Cot Mattress

At Emma we really care about helping you reaching a good night sleep, and from today we promise that your baby can also enjoy the best night’s sleep thanks to the new Emma Cot Mattress.

  • Emma Cot Mattress is safe 

As we already saw, babies need a safe place where to sleep. Most important they need a safe mattress which help in their growth. Babies are constantly growing. To help this growth it is essential that the mattress on which they rest can adapt and support their constant evolutionary process in the best way. That’s why we have developed a cot mattress made with baby in mind. It will firmly support the little one and you don’t have to worry about his healthy development.

  • Emma Cot Mattress is washable 

A child will spend 16 to 20 hours a day lying down, and not just to sleep. Playing, looking around him or simply resting, all activities that the infant carries out lying down. It is essential that it is comfortable. Since babies will spend a significant amount of time in their cot, it’s important that it’s always a hygienic space. That’s why, our Emma Cot Mattress has two washable covers that zip on and off and are easily washable.

  • Emma Cot Mattress is breathable   

Emma Cot Mattress is made from a breathable and open-pored foam. This allows air to circulate freely, so you don’t have to worry about your baby sweating too much. And about this… babies tend to sweat a lot. Even when the outside temperature is not too hot, a child sweats more than an adult. Don’t worry that’s completely normal. There is nothing to worry about. Even if your baby sweats regularly, especially during meals or at the beginning of his sleep. Unfortunately, a child who is too hot is a child who does not sleep well. A good mattress is a mattress that regulates the temperature of the new-born to ensure peaceful and quiet nights.

And even if you’re not happy with our Cot Mattress, we guarantee a 45-night trial with a free return! Curious about it? Check Emma Cot Mattress on our website!

Emma Cot Mattress newest arrival


It’s time to give your baby the sleep he/she really deserves. Bear in mind that your baby needs to sleep on his back, alone and on a firm surface which will help him in his growth. Mind to create a nice evening routine, so your new-born will understand immediately when it’s sleeping time!

If you do all these things, then you can sleep a little better knowing that your child sleeps peacefully.

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